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Design Services


The landscape is an extension of the home & home owner. We look forward to getting to know you. Listening and asking the right questions are important components in creating that perfect yard for you. You must also feel comfortable with us. Therefore the first meeting is without obligation.

Graphic Design Contracts Only

We create graphic designs to scale not only incorporating the usual retaining walls, sitting areas, bird and butterfly areas and plant placement & list but also addressing concerns such as wind direction and velocity, drainage, shade, deer, raccoon & heron etc., not forgetting, of course municipal by-laws.

This service includes:

An initial connection on site to walk around with the home owner.
We come for a second visit to present the rough plan for clients thoughts, revisions and agreement.
The formal plan is constructed and presented to the client.

Bubble Plan

A bubble plan accompanies an on site consultation with the home owner.

A basic area highlighting (or bubbling).
Accompanied by recommendations and a plant list.


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