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We can design your landscaping plan and give you an exact cost of your total project. You might choose to do the entire project now or to complete the project in stages. With our plan, you will have a clear concept of your working goals.

We understand that you want your landscaping to not look like every house on your street. With our experience, we know what grows in our area and we have a wide selection of shrubs, trees and grasses available to suit your individual preferences.

See below for our services, and for galleries and images of some of our work:

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Ponds & Water Features

What is a landscape without water features? If the budget allows for a pond or stream it is money well spent. Koi, water plants, and the soothing sound of running water create an ideal setting for rest and contemplation. There are many options even the smallest bowl fountain, strategically placed will provide pleasure, not only by sound but by attracting birds. It will bring a small corner to life.
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Paving & Retaining Walls

There are many different styles of paving and patios including:- sandstone, preformed concrete blocks, stamped concrete, cobblestone, slate etc. Retaining walls have their own personalities, whether from natural stones (large and small) preformed block, mortared rock, wood, concrete, exposed aggregate etc. Your overall landscape style will be a guide to the most suitable choice.
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Night Lighting

Landscaping is a major lifestyle investment which behooves us to enjoy it all of our waking hours. Evening pleasure is intensified when one’s yard exhibits a completely new personality at night. Yard specimens are highlighted, lighted pathways beckon, arbours are inviting, safety is assured.
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New Landscapes

A good lawn does not happen by accident. The adage ” Preparation is 90% of the job” applies to all areas of landscaping, but we find it is especially true with lawns. The lawn sets off the home and highlights the beds. Therefore a well prepared & well maintained lawn is a credit to the landscape. If your need is the renewal of an old or poorly prepared lawn or the installation of a new lawn contact us. We will be more than happy to accommodate you.
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Design Services

The landscape is an extension of the home & home owner. We look forward to getting to know you. Listening and asking the right questions are important components in creating that perfect yard for you. You must also feel comfortable with us. Therefore the first meeting is without obligation.
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Sprinkler Systems and Irrigation

Landscaping and Irrigation Services Serving Parksville to Qualicum Beach Call Brian Today! (250) 954-3838 Blooming Lovely Custom Landscaping & Irrigation HomeAboutServicesTestimonialsPortfolio Sprinkler Systems & Irrigation Sprinkler Systems and Irrigation A professionally designed and installed irrigation system can beautify your property. A lawn sprinkler system requires minimum maintenance and will result in greener grass and healthy plants. Our expert design and

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